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A Trip to the HIV/AIDS Capital

LifeCorps News     August 2010

In August of 2010, Paul Gray, a director with LifeCorps travelled to Swaziland, Africa, with two other groups of 24 people, from the Region of York (Ontario) to partially construct a home for a medical doctor and his family. Located within an orphanage, the doctor provides medical care for the orphans and for the people in the surrounding villages of the Ekufikeni Valley.

Nestled within a mountainous region, and a six hour bus ride from a major airport, El Shaddai Ministry houses over seventy children, most of which were orphaned by AIDS parents. Founders Kallie and Charmain Ceortzen and their staff labour to keep the children (from infancy through high school) fed, clothed, schooled, and loved to become self sufficient and productive citizens of Swaziland.

For twenty days Paul worked as a labourer mixing mortar for the lay masons in the group.  "I have not laboured this hard in years" Paul said, "but it was all worth it knowing that the orphans of El Shaddai Ministry will have their basic needs met, and they will grow up in a loving Christian environment".

In an effort to create a self sustaining ministry, Kallie Ceortzen farms the property, raising pigs and other livestock as well as growing corn in the fields, providing meat, milk, eggs and maize for food and sells the excess at the local market. Other funding is provided by individuals, churches, charities and foundations in Canada and other parts of the world.

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