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LifeCorps Haiti-Water Filtration Project

In the Western world, water is easily accessible and taken for granted. According to experts, water is ranked second only to oxygen as essential for human life. Most can survive approximately two months without food, but only a few days without water.

In developing countries, access to potable water is a major concern. It is estimated that 1.1 Billion people live without access to an "improved water source", even more people drink water that is polluted and grossly contaminated with bacteria, viruses and protozoa, many of which are intestinal parasites.

Drinking contaminated water usually causes diarrhea, a major cause of disease and death. There are approximately 4 Billion cases of diarrhea per year worldwide. An estimated 1.8 Million people die of diarrhea every year, most under the age of 5. WHO (World Health Organization) believes that 94% of diarrheal cases are preventable with simple modifications to the environment, which includes access to potable water, proper sanitation and hygiene. In children, diarrheal episodes cause dehydration, reducing absorption of nutrients (which can cause stunting), reduces resistance to infection, and can potentially cause long-term gut disorders.

LifeCorps and FilterPure

LifeCorps International in association with FilterPure will bring a safe drinking water technology to impoverished people in developing countries and proper sanitation and hygiene education to reduce illness caused by contaminated water, providing them with another tool to help break the cycle of poverty.

Experts have proven that one of the most effective ways of providing safe drinking water is through a "point of use" or POU filtration system.

FilterPure has created a cheap, simple, effective and environmentally friendly technology that will filter 99.9% of contaminants producing a clean, fresh tasting source of potable water, potentially eliminating water borne diseases, saving the lives of many children and adults.

At present, there are three factories in developing countries producing the FilterPure water filter, with a planned factory at the LifeCorps Education Centre in Liberia, Africa. These factories will:

  1. Provide easier access to a FilterPure water filter and an "improved water source"
  2. Create full-time jobs
  3. Provide education on drinking water, proper sanitation and hygiene
  4. Increase productivity by eliminating a cause of gastro intestinal disease among working adults.
  5. Omit boiling as an alternative to produce potable water, reducing the need for wood or fossil fuels and ,
  6. Reduced burning =reduced smoke=reduced child mortality rates due to respiratory infections-a major cause of death in children.
  7. Reduce child and infant mortality rates by reducing the incidence of diarrhea.

For $45 Canadian, you can purchase one water filtration system that will last for up to five years and produce clean, safe drinking water for a needy family in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda. (a tax deductable receipt will be provided for Canadians residents only)

For residents of the United States or for more information about the FilterPure ceramic water filtration technology please click the link:

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